10 Auto Detailing Secrets They Don't Want You to Know!!

10 Auto Detailing Secrets They Don't Want You to Know!!

If you enjoy caring for your car, but are often disappointed in the results, you will feel the benefits of our Top 10 Auto Detailing Secrets, providing tips on how to get the most out of your cleaning, waxing and polishing work and skills . Learning how to specify your car according to professional standards is not just a matter of vanity, it is a smart way to maintain the value of your car and make sure you get the best price when you sell it.


1. Never Wash Your Car in Direct Sunlight

Water evaporates faster on hot cars and will leave water marks. While stripping your entire car, the harsh UV rays may cause damage to the clear coat of the car.

2. Use the 2 Bucket Wash Method 

When washing your car use 2 buckets, one for soapy water and another for clean water. This ensures that no dirty water goes on your vehicle, ruining all your hard work. 


3. Use a Different Towel for Each Step

To avoid cross contamination, it is important to use different towels, mitts, and sponges for each step. Mixing the products such as shampoo and wax may cause more damage to your car than to begin with. 


4. Wash Your Towels 

Overtime using the towel to shampoo, wash and wax your car, the towels will lose its absorbency. Use the correct detergent to strip the microfibre towels, this will revive its absorbency.

5. Use Static Electricity to Clean Carpets 

Carpet fibers often traps dusts, debris and dirt deep in its material. A simple vacuum may not be enough to remove all of the dirt stuck in the lower layers of the carpet. By using a simple latex glove, glide your hand over the carpet from one side to the other. This will generate static electricity and allow for easier removal with the vacuum. 


6. Lubricate the Hinges

Ever notice the high pitched squeaky sounds when you open your doors, trunk or hood? Sounds like a time for you lubricate the hinges. Use some white lithium grease or some motor oil and work it into the corners of the hinge. Wipe off the excess with a microfibre towel and it should be as good as new! 

7. Replace your Windshield Wiper

Especially nowadays in Ontario's fast changing weather, we never know when to expect a quick rain storm. It is important to have working windshield as that is how we see! It is recommended to change your windshield wipers every 6 months, however change it when you notice is starts to affect your driving visibility. 

8. Don't Forget to Clean the Top of the Windows

Roll your window down to get the topmost part of the window, oftentimes people forget about this spot but only to realize after they drive away in their car. Excess product from cleaning the exterior of your car can build up in there, causing streak marks. 


9. Remove Swirl Marks with Polish, not Wax

Swirl marks are very small scratches on the painted surface of your vehicle and can be caused by using the wrong type of cloth or sponge or using a dirty one. Some might say that waxing your car will make the traces disappear, but it most likely would not. Instead, the best way to get rid of the imperfections is to use a high-quality car polish. 


10. Invest in Quality Car Cleaning Products & Tools

When it comes to auto detailing your own car, it is worth it to invest in brands, and products you trust and know will do the job. Here at Online Detailing Store, we carry a variety of brands such as P&S, CarPro, Meguiar's, Sonax and more. To enhance your shopping experience, feel free to contact us and we would gladly help you out!