5 Online Communities for Auto-Detailing Advice

5 Online Communities for Auto-Detailing Advice

For those looking to start detailing their cars at home, there are countless websites and blogs on the internet which offer auto detailing advice.

However, some sources may be difficult to follow or even misleading. It is important to have trusted information when handling the car you care so much about.  

Here below are 5 online reliable online communities who we trust for detailing advice:  

1. r/AutoDetailing (Reddit)

For those unfamiliar about Reddit (the front page of the internet), It is an online forum with countless communities each specializing in a certain topic. Each community is also known as a subreddit. This subreddit is dedicated to car enthusiasts and those getting started on auto-detailing. 

With over 600k active members, you will be sure to get some amazing advice and appreciation for your amazing detailing job. 

2. Autopia.org (Online Forum)

Autopia is another online community where you are free to ask questions/advice from professional detailers and car enthusiasts as well. This online community is quite active, so you will get your question answered in no time. 

3. Canadian Car Detailing (Facebook Group)

Similar to Reddit, Facebook Group are a feature on facebook which allow members to share content, and questions within the platform. This group is dedicated to car enthusiasts, professional detailers and all those who love cars within Canada. We are quite active in this facebook group, where as we post How-To tutorial videos, product reviews and contribute to others questions and post. If you see us around there, don't be shy, say hi! 

4. r/Detailing (Reddit)

Similar to the first subreddit, this more broad group caters to detailing on all kinds of vehicles and boats. From RV's, boats, planes and trailers. This opens up more advices on different kinds of vehicles, techniques and products to use on the each type of vehicle.

5. Detailing Freaks (Facebook Group)

This is one of the many detailing groups on facebook, this group is catered specifically towards car detailing beginners and enthusiast like you! With over 35k active members on this group, you can ask for tips and advice from professional detailers!