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Car Detailing Checklist

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Car Detailing Checklist

For those doing some home detailing, it is easy to forget the long list of steps of things you have to clean on your vehicle. Since each car may require a different approach when it comes to detailing, we have created a check list to ensure you will not be missing these crucial steps during your at home car detailing! 

Below are some general guidelines to the crucial steps and important elements to when detailing your vehicle, ensuring it looks squeaky clean inside and out. 




  • Tires
  • Windows (Don't forget about the top of the windows) 
  • Side Mirrors 
  • Sunroof (If applicable)
  • Head & Tail Lights 


  • Wheels 
  • Body of the Vehicle


Work in small areas from the top to the bottom of the car.

Wax & Seal

Apply in a cool and shaded area, work in small sections at a time, from the top to the bottom of the vehicle. 




Floor Mats

  • Vacuum dirt and clear up large recyclables 
  • Clean with shampoo/multi-purpose cleaner and allow to air dry
  • Use some rubber protector (If applicable) 



  • Using a microfibre towel and interior cleaner wipe off the dirt on the dashboard
  • With a vent & dash brush loosen the dirt and debris and with a handheld vacuum remove the dirt from the hard to reach corners in the vent. 

Steering Wheel 

Spray interior cleaner onto the wheel itself and gently scrub with a microfibre towel. You may also use an Interior Detailing Brush to get those stubborn stains.



Spray glass cleaner on the inside of the windows and with a microfibre cloth wipe away in a single motion. Repeat with other windows and mirrors

Door Panel 

Spray interior cleaner directly onto the door and wipe away with a microfibre towel. If needed use the interior detailing brush and interior cleaner.

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