EA Cars n'Coffee - May 5, 2019

EA Cars n'Coffee - May 5, 2019

On May 5th, 2019 we at Online Detailing Store were one of several sponsors at Engineered Automotive’s Cars n’Coffee season opener.  As a new business, ODS wanted to form a relationship with car minded individuals where the focus was on the cars and the people to respect them.  This event allows family and friends to attend a safe environment without the machismo that normally comes with car meets.

The background of Engineered Automotive goes back over three decades where they have served the GTA and the automotive community.  EA provides several services to enthusiasts that include maintenance, tuning, body work, detailing, vehicle storage and track days.  Located in Vaughan, Ontario just north of Toronto, they are easily accessible for those in the Greater Toronto Area and have a fantastic relationship with the local neighborhood and authorities.  

During the Cars n’Coffee events, they attract a wide range of vehicles such as classics, exotics, cruisers, muscle cars, imports and low riders.  This is an event for anyone that loves cars and the people that come with them.

EA Cars n’Coffee has run for 8 years and continues to bring out a strong showing to the Canadian automotive scene.  Anyone that attended could see that this was a well organized event and one that gets better every year. In addition, this is one of the few premium events that does not charge a cover to attend or park.  

The amount of excitement from the car owners and visitors was felt in the air this early Sunday morning.  There was a slight chill that is normally associated with a morning in May, but as the attendee numbers grew, so did the temperature.  A beautiful day with equally stunning cars. What more could you ask for?

Over the next several months, Online Detailing Store is proud to sponsor this great event and look forward to meeting with all the great people that come by to inquire or purchase some of the fantastic products we have to offer!  To a great summer and even better car season!

Jon Pangindian

General Manager