Explaining Auto Detailing to a Beginner

Explaining Auto Detailing to a Beginner

Those who aren't car enthusiast may not understand the passion and dedication we feel towards auto detailing

We can admire our cars after a good detailing job, to see it in its glory. However, majority of people are afraid to get into auto detailing for they may do more harm than good to their precious cars.

Especially in a male dominated field, it may be intimidating to women to get into such hobby. We encourage not only women, but every owner of a vehicle to be introduced to auto detailing. 

One similarity to be pointed out is that auto detailing is quite similar to skin care. The steps to clean the exterior of the car are almost parallel to a skin care routine.

1. Washing

When washing a car, it is important to choose the right soap. Using dish soap or all purpose cleaner can cause damage to the paint of the car. Same with cleansing your skin, using body soap on your face will dry out your face as the skin on your face is thinner than the skin on your body. 

2. Decontamination

Using products such as Car Pro IronX and fall out cleaners on your car is to help dissolve the ferrous substances and rust debris and remove it from your vehicle. With toner, it remove any traces of dirt, grime and oil in the pores of your skin which were left behind during the cleaning stage. 


3. Polishing

Polishing our cars help remove any scratches and defects in the clear coat of our car, while creating a shine on our car. Face serum is a light liquid of highly concentrated active ingredients that quickly absorb into the skin. These active ingredients may contain anti-aging , skin brightening, and hydration substances. 

Both of these steps are important to keep our cars and skin feeling good and in perfect health. 


4. Wax & Sealants

To protect all your hard work from polishing and removing dirt from your car, many will use wax to protect the car from UV rays and make the car exterior more hydrophobic. Facial moisturizer and sunscreen is very similar, it often comes in a form a cream and should be applied as the very last step to seal in the moisture and keep your skin from drying out. Sunscreen should also be applied even when it is winter as UV rays still exist and lead to wrinkles on your face in the future.


By following these general steps, beginners to auto detailing will be sure to understand the passion and love for auto detailing.