How to choose the best wax for your vehicle

How to choose the best wax for your vehicle

How do you wax your car properly? That is the question people often ask. You spent hours washing your car, making sure it is all shiny and clean. You might've even used Clay Bar after. But how do you apply that layer of sealant properly? Don't worry, we have the right article just for you!

To start off, there are 4 types of wax you can apply to your car.

- Spray Wax

- Spray Sealant 

- Paste Wax

- Rub-On Sealant


Let's start with the Spray Wax!

This is definitely the fastest and easiest way to get that quick shine and some protection. However, we rank this type of wax to be less effective and protective. Most detailers won't consider this as a proper wax, but more of an instant detailer. 

To apply a Spray Wax, you simply spray it onto a clean surface, wipe off using a microfibre towel, and buff off any excess liquid to leave a brilliant shine.

A couple of good spray waxes we recommend



P&S Paint Gloss: https://onlinedetailingstore.com/products/p-s-double-black-paint-gloss?_pos=2&_sid=f23070557&_ss=r


The New Wave - Spray Sealant 

Now, this is the new hype I shall say... People kind of moved away from the traditional waxes, and started trying spray sealant. As you can tell, the ceramic coating is more and more popular, and obviously that is the most extreme and expensive type of sealant, it is still I should say in the same category. Why did this get so popular? It is an easy application for the most part, but gives you that shine and slick finish, but most importantly the durability. 

To use a spray sealant, there are 2 types of sealant. Spray on and wipe off and spray on and rinse off. First type of sealant you need to spray on and physically buff it off to create that bond. Meanwhile the latter you need to spray on, but rinse off with water. As the liquid beads off the surface, it creates the bond.

Our top picks for the spray sealant!



P&S Bead Maker: https://onlinedetailingstore.com/products/p-s-bead-maker?_pos=2&_sid=65dfe91c9&_ss=r

CarPro HydrO2: https://onlinedetailingstore.com/products/carpro-hydro2?_pos=1&_sid=c16518935&_ss=r

Meguiar's Ceramic Wax: https://onlinedetailingstore.com/products/meguiars-hybrid-spray-wax?_pos=1&_sid=e7569fa55&_ss=r


This is the old school stuff... Paste Wax

This wax is the oldest form of car wax. It provides your car with a beautiful gloss and water beading thanks to the natural oils. Still, compared to liquid wax, it must be applied more frequently. They are also usually more expensive than any other form of wax.

Some paste waxes have a very hard texture, so their application might be somewhat challenging and require special tools.




Lastly, the Rub-On Sealant! 

This one is a bit... niche I should say. It is between a spray-on wax and a paste wax. It is a compound form and you apply it the same way as you would with paste wax. It leaves that brilliant shine but in my opinion, it is way easier to apply and buff off. This is for someone that wants to have that physical application with the surface but doesn't want to spend TOO long applying it. 

To apply this, squeeze generous amount of sealant onto a foam applicator, then work in circles to apply onto the surface. To finish it off, buff off with a soft microfibre towel to leave that brilliant shine.

Our top pick for the Rub-On Sealant!

3D HD Poxy: https://onlinedetailingstore.com/products/3d-hd-poxy-montan-wax-16oz?_pos=1&_sid=7a8b07aa0&_ss=r

To Summarize it:

In the end, while deciding on the proper wax, reflect on consideration on how much time you are willing to invest in maintaining your vehicle. If you don’t have time to spare, you may want to choose an artificial alternative. Application is straightforward and you may typically wax an entire vehicle in 15-30 minutes. Spray Sealant has become more and more popular, and it offers extended protection time than traditional paste wax. Therefore, it is our top choice when it comes to choosing a wax/sealant.

However, if you’re one of these individuals who virtually enjoys detailing their vehicle, then paste is truly the pleasant option.

Whichever choice you select, making an addiction out of detailing your automobile pays off in the end.