How to Clean your Car's Interior during a Pandemic

How to Clean your Car's Interior during a Pandemic

No doubt that during this pandemic, majority of us has used our car as the dining room. 

Countless crumbs and ketchup stains have made its way into the interior of our cars. 

With our cars being the place where we eat, it is important we properly sanitize and clean the interior of our car to protect ourselves from bacteria and virus they may be lingering around in our cars. 


Step 1: Vacuum 

Grab yourself a handheld vacuum with a small nozzle. This small nozzle will allow you to really get into the nooks and crannies of your car. Such as in between the seats, underneath the pedals and into the cup holders. 



Step 2: Seats

It's now time to analyze the material of your seats. Leather seats will be cleaned differently from fabric seats, not using the correct materials and techniques may be more harm than good. 


1. Leather & Vinyl Seats

Using a leather and vinyl upholstery brushP&S Xpress Interior Cleaner and a microfibre cloth; spray the cleaner directly onto the seat and using the brush lightly scrub on the seats. Once done, use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe away the dirt residues. Repeat this to the rest of the seats.

To prevent the leather/vinyl from drying out use a leather conditioner. The conditioner can also protect the leather from dirt stains, UV rays and keep the condition of your seats squeaky clean. 

2. Fabric Seats 

Fabric seats tend to be more absorbent than leather, and it may take a longer cleaning process. However with the tips and tricks we provide, your cleaning process will be as easy as one, two and three!

With the interior brush, spray P&S Carpet Bomber directly onto the seats and scrub the stains and grimes off. Once done, wipe off gentle with a damp microfibre cloth. We also recommend spraying your seats with a fabric guard, it helps make your seats water proof and prevent stains from settling into the fabric. 

Repeat these steps to the rest of your seats and floor of your car. If your car mats are made of fabric, you may do so as well. 

However, if the car mats are made of plastic, simply dilute some all purpose cleaner and regular scrubber, once done simply hose it off with clean water. 

Step 3: Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is the most touched part of the car, as we use it to maneuver our vehicle. There could be many dirt, grime and bacteria living on the wheels of our cars. 

Using the Xpress Interior Cleaner, spray directly onto the surface of the wheel and wipe it clean with a microfibre cloth. This will loosen and remove the existing dirts. Afterwards, using 70% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol and a microfibre cloth sanitize the wheels of your car. This will kill the bacteria and viruses that have been sitting in your car. 

Step 4: Vents and Dashboard

Similar to cleaning and sanitizing the steering wheel, Xpress Interior Cleaner can be used on the dash board along with a vent and dash brush to get into the hard to reach areas of the vents. A small vacuum can be used to further remove debris from vents.

While cleaning touch screens, ensure to avoid using cleaners which contain ammonia it may remove the anti-glare from your touch screen causing further damage. However, isopropyl alcohol (and ethyl alcohol) is safe to use on touch screens. 


Step 5: Glass

Last but not least, many tend to forget about the glass. Cleaning the glass gives it that final touch which makes our car feel brand new. With a damp microfibre cloth and Car Pro Clarify Glass Cleaner spray directly onto the glass surface and wipe the dirt and grime away. 


For each step, ensure to use a separate microfibre towel each time to prevent cross contamination and further spreading germs and bacteria all over your vehicle. 

It is recommended that the interior of your car be cleaned once a month, by doing so you and your family are able to safely enjoy the most of the interior!