How To Use - Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax

How To Use - Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax

Many people may wonder.. How good is a rinse-less wash? Is it as good and as safe as a traditional wash? Well, thanks to Optimum, Rinse-less wash has never been safer and easier. I would personally say Optimum No Rinse aka ONR is leading the rinse-less industry right now. Today we are actually going to be focusing on their "Wash & Wax"



Let's talk about what is the difference between the traditional ONR versus the ONR Wash & Wax. Well... This one has wax in it! If you want to give your vehicle a brilliant shine after the wash, this is the product for you. Many people may think if you have a ceramic coated vehicle, you cannot use this product. However, that is not true. The wax in this product is different than a quick detailer. It will not hurt your coatings or existing sealants on your vehicle. For me personally, this just seems a little bit slicker than the traditional ONR. It does give a slick and gloss finish, and personally I have used it on my coated vehicle, and I can report back that it does not damage the coating what so ever. 

Now let's move on to how to properly use the product. Here at Online Detailing Store, we will give you guys some of our own tips on how to use and be safe with this product with your vehicle. Let's talk about the property of the product first and we will move on to the actual steps on how to use this product. 

This unique product contains substantive polymers that bond to the paint and protect it from abrasion during the wash. These polymers offer greater protection and lubrication than conventional car washes and leave a slick and glossy finish behind afterwards. The wastewater in the bucket can be used to water the lawn or dispose of it into a sink, where it will be treated. Other additional benefits of No Rinse Wash & Shine are faster washes, the ability to wash anywhere at any time including washing inside the garage during winter, no messy runoffs, and a better-looking finish. These are just some of the reasons No Rinse Wash & Shine is being used by many people across the world, saving millions of litres of water every year.

It is convenient, and most importantly it offers an option for those people that do not have access to a water hose or a pressure washer. However, since we are skipping lots of steps compared to a traditional wash, we have to be EXTRA careful with our approach and techniques to ensure we are not producing swirls and scratches. Here are our steps to ensure a safe and effective ONR wash. 

1.  Prepare a 20L (5.2 Gallon) bucket half full of water with 30ml (1oz) of ONR. Add a microfiber wash mitt to soak in the mixture while the rest of the setup is being completed.

2. Fill a spray bottle with water and add 30ml (1oz) of ONR. This will serve as a pre-wash solution.

3. Spray car completely with ONR mixture from the sprayer, focusing special attention on any areas that are particularly dirty. I spray until the bottle is completely empty for this one, regardless of how long it takes.

4. Wash car as normal with ONR using slow, straight lines, making sure to rinse the microfiber mitt off in the bucket regularly. If everything above has been done previously, this should result and a fairly clean bucket afterwards.

5. Dry the car with a very plush, high GSM (1000gsm) microfiber towel.


Many people go straight into the bucket with a wash mitt, but a very important step in between of us is to spray the car down with ONR solution first. This will ensure the surface is properly lubricated but also breaks down some of the tough dirt and grime on the surface. 

What is special about this product is that you do not require to use any drying aid or sealant afterwards. It has wax in the product, and as soon as you wipe it off with a drying towel, the car will have a brilliant shine and gloss to it.