Maintain your ceramic coating with CarPro!

Maintain your ceramic coating with CarPro!

Now that you finally got your vehicle coated, you are starting to wonder how to maintain that expensive coating you just put on. Many people has fallen into the false trap that taking care of a coated vehicle is more work, but in fact the whole point of the coating is to make your life easier! Way easier if i should say. It comes down to using the correct products. 

As many people may know, CarPro has been one of the leading brands in the industry for a while. Many may known them from their Iron X and Reload. Today we are going to dive deep and give you guys the full walk through on how easy and effortless is to maintain your coated vehicles.

Let's break down the fundamentals first. To be completely honest with you guys, maintaining a coated car is way easier than you may think. All you need is the correct product and a weekly wash. The ONLY product that should matter and is the most important will be the shampoo. Your expensive coating isn't going to just disappear or not work because you didn't wash your car or you didn't put another topper on it. But a wrong shampoo will significantly impact the condition of your coating. You would want a pH neutral soap, meaning the soap will not strip any of the coating, meanwhile still cleans the car very well.

CarPro Reset shampoo does just that. It is highly dilutable, it works in a foam cannon as well as in a bucket. The dilution ratio is 500:1, and that bottle of Reset will last you a LONG time. Other than being pH neutral and highly dilutable and all that good stuff, another amazing thing about comes from the name "Reset". Many people tend to put some toppers on top of their coatings. Although that is completely fine and even recommended, sometimes people just put the wrong thing, which is result it blocks the actual function of the coating. A lot of people people would notice that after a short while, their coatings aren't beading as much as before, and not as slick. A lot of times is the wax/sealant they put on top. The Reset shampoo actually will "reset" (i know, very cliche) the actual properties of the original coating, providing you a clean start to put the correct product on top! 



Now we got the shampoo out of the way, let's talk about the next step; the Topper! Many people may ask, why do you even need something like that? The answer is you don't, but it is beneficial. A correct topper will enhance the gloss and slickness of the coating, and giving your coating an extra protection on top! There are many products out there, but today we are going to focus on the CarPro Reload. 

Reload Spray Sealant is a water-based, spray-on glass membrane coating. Reload Spray Sealant repels dirt and water. Use it alone for up to two months of paint protection or as a booster over a ceramic coating. Reload is made of a water base plus special modified Silica - the same compound found in glass. The silica gives Reload its fantastic light reflecting properties. Dirt can't stick and water beads on contact. Reload Spray Sealant forms a thick, substantial coating. In fact, a Reload coating helps prevent fine scratches on paintwork. It can also be used on rubber, plastic, and glass.



The application is quite simple, you spray and buff off with a second towel. That's it! And it shouldn't be any more difficult because remember? The WHOLE point of your coating is to make your life easier! Sometime's I even use this as drying aid. I would dry majority of my vehicle with a drying towel, and spray this onto each panel, and I would go in with my plush microfiber towels. The result is amazing! The gloss that comes from that is truly amazing, and it just makes the car pop that much more. It is also quite durable so you can apply every 2-3 months of so!


That's it for our guide on how to maintain your coated vehicle with the CarPro line-up! There are many products out there, but we strongly feel that CarPro makes one of the best products and it truly makes your cleaning process easy and effective!