Make Dad Proud: A Father's Day Gift Guide

Make Dad Proud: A Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner. That means you need to hurry to find a perfect gift for your dad before it’s too late. We have you covered. This list of gift ideas will have something for just about everyone. In fact, you’ll notice that some of these gifts are perfect for guys who aren’t your dad. That’s ok. You can include them. For sure, dog dads count as dads and need a new gift. Your brother-in-law? Yup, him too. These gifts are the perfect way to show Dad just how much you appreciate him. (And if you order something for yourself at the same time, we won’t tell.)

Car Detailing

Dad secretly wants a car wash, or to give a fresh new look to the car that is starting to remind himself of his age. He needs to be happier driving around to the family reunions when you ask him to. That temporary car wash will be put to shame when he finds our products in his garage that will restore his car to its new shape when it first pulled off the lot. You'll be surprised at how often he'll smile when he sees a freshly detailed car on his driveway. New car, new me right? That will apply to him too.


Simple Dad Kit

So you're thinking, your dad doesn't know his way around his neighbourhood, nevermind his car. We have a perfect assortment of products for him. 

He needs a simple process that he cannot mess up, and with these one step products, it will be as easy as putting the key in the ignition.

Among those is the Optimum No Rinse Wash and Wax, it's perfect for that Dad that cannot be bothered to do too much work, but will see excellent results with just an afternoon application of this stuff. With just a bucket of water, our in-house microfiber towels, and 1 ounce of the Wash and Wax solution, it will clear stains that plague the paint coating on his car and leaves a fresh coat of protective wax that will prevent those same stains from appearing again! 



Experienced Dad Package

To the Dad who spends a hunk of time in the garage, he will most definitely appreciate some new car products for his baby (the other one), and you'll get some brownie points for knowing to buy from our professional products that will impress him even if you don't know too much about cars.

Straight to the point products that are sure to do the trick, and provide that bit of challenge your father craves when working his way around machinery. He respects reliability and trustworthy products sure to make his hard-worked car impresses his old high-school buddies.

Along with the basics for car detailing, to the man that appreciates the little things, he will want to go the extra step to car detailing excellence. We're including professional P&S Brake Buster, Beadmaker, and Xpress Interior Spray for total coverage from exterior paint to the tire brakes.



Enthusiast Father Set

Lastly, we want to show appreciation for the select few that have Dads that love their cars (more than us sometimes) and would just appreciate some extra tools and accessories to up his car game for the enthusiast meet-ups.

For that we recommend Maxshine products, the well-known brand that provides quality products that offer professional-grade applications for products that we use, that he should have in his garage already, or maybe that's another gift to get to?

Included is the Maxshine Shinemaster M15 15mm Pro DA Polisher - Series 2Maxshine/Shinemaster DA 5" Backing Plate, and Maxshine Foam Waxing Applicator – Rubber Backed which are sure to please the car Dad that has everything. With Maxshine products, they ensure the highest maximum quality and will be wonderful to leave the best of the best car detailing application job that you or your Father can do yourselves.


These are just some gift ideas that can get your brain going. Whether the gift is for your father or a guy who could do with a nice present, there’s something for everyone. Cheers, Dad!