The Ultimate Detailing Gift Guide in 2019

The Ultimate Detailing Gift Guide in 2019

The holidays are coming up, and you see every weekend the mall gets busier and busier. Everyone is trying to pick out the perfect gift for their friends and family. Meanwhile, you are sitting there wondering what to get for that one friend or family member who is a car detailing fanatic... Do not panic, we've got you covered in this 2019 Detailing Gift Guide.


First, we will break it down into several categories.

#1. You have that one friend that is all about the car wash, even in the middle of a snowstorm in Canada... Okay, that was a bit dramatic but you know what I mean.

#2. Next comes to that one friend who is all about that new car smell. He's had his car for years now but it still smells like he picked up from the dealership yesterday.

#3. The third category is what we would call a perfectionist aka OCD. He has multiple sets of solar light just to see that one tiny swirl mark on his car. He spent hundreds of dollars on polisher and compounds. 

#4. Lastly, you have that one friend who does everything. Wash, Polish, Interior, Wax.. you name it. You're sitting here thinking what the hell should I get for him because it seems like he needs everything...

I assure you guys again do not worry, I got you guys covered. 


Let's start with #1. The Car Wash Fanatic

They love washing their cars, no matter where, when AND why. At ODS, We recommend a couple of products just to help you out. 

Our favourite car shampoos:



All 3 of the shampoos are great. Let me break it down for you folks.

- The "Pearl Shampoo from P&S" is definitely a hot seller. Cleans the car with thick foam, makes the process very easy and efficient. On top of that, it smells amazing.  



- Let's take a look at the "Optimum No Rinse". This is for those situations where you have a limited amount of water, Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine is your go-to product. With a single bucket of water, wash your entire vehicle without leaving scratches thanks to the substantive polymers that cling to the paint and protect it.



**Oh did I mention that you can directly click on the pictures and it will lead you to the specific product page? Thought I would do you guys a solid :) **


Let's jump into #2. The Interior Warrior 

This is someone that dedicates his time to make his/her car smell just like they picked it up yesterday. We have just the right products for you to gift him/her.


- "The Xpress Interior Cleaner from P&S" is a no brainer. It was made specifically to clean the vinyl and plastic interior of your vehicle. So for all your trims and plastics, this is the go-to for myself.



- "The Finisher from P&S" is the last resort if you cleaned everything but it still smells... a bit funky. The Finisher attacks odour-causing molecules and organic stains. Finisher breaks down odour causing chemicals, eliminates any residual organic stains.



Oh don't forget, maybe throw in one or two cleaning brushes would be nice as well! 




#3. The Paint Perfectionist

That someone you know who is all about the paint. Every time you look at their car it is flawless. No swirls, just pure reflection. Well if this is the case, you know what to get him.




- "Maxshine M15 15mm/1000W Pro DA Polisher". Ah, the big boy's machine. This machine is for someone that is serious about pain. It is powerful, perfectly balanced and lots of options in terms of speed. If you know he is still using his 25 years old machine polishing his car, maybe it is time for an upgrade.



- "Maxshine Machine Polisher Wall Holder". This wall holder is great to store polishing machines without harming the mechanics in the machine. It provides a safe space for your investment and maintains a clean work area.



- "Polishing Compound 400 from Menzerna". It polishes and produces a high gloss in this one-step polishing process. Silicone-free while removing sanding marks. 



- "HD Speed Compound from 3D". It removes light to moderate scratches and swirl marks while adding a long-lasting wax on your vehicle.




#4. Lastly, The All-Round Detailer

This is someone that likes to do absolutely everything. Exterior, Interior, Polishing, Waxing... You name it!




- "Brake Buster from P&S". One of the best wheel cleaners on the market. It safely removes dirt, oil, light corrosion and brake dust. In addition, it leaves behind a thin layer of protection that inhibits future corrosion.



- "Bead Maker from P&S". Definitely a must in any detailer's collection. After applying it, the surface migrating molecule that attaches to the paint surface of a vehicle. Once attached this molecule cross-links and polymerizes on the surface thus building a hydrophobic durable layer of protection.



- "Autofiber Dreadnought Drying Towel". Made with a long pile twist microfiber weave. The double-layer design has interior sewn edges, and center stitching, for structural integrity and durability.



- "The Grid Guard Bucket". It separates contaminants from the water in your wash bucket trapping them at the bottom. The lid allows you to transport your water safely without spilling and use your bucket as a seat when needed.



That wraps it up for this gift guide. Obviously these are just some of my personal suggestions. If you want to browse more of our products, please go to www.onlinedetailingstore.com