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CarPro - HydrO2 1L

CarPro - HydrO2 1L



HydrO2 is a revolutionary spray-on silica sealant that combines full nanotechnology protection with a true wipe-less application. Simply spray HydrO2 on to a wet vehicle surface, rinse off, and watch the surface transform before your eyes!

A simple spray and rinse application saves time, and results in a durable silica shell that produces a brilliant protected shine that is incredibly easy to maintain. 

The pressure from spraying with water accelerates the bonding of HydrO2 to the surface creating a Hydrophobic layer. HydrO2 is climate and temperature stable and is an extremely effective long-lasting water repellent that is resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions, and solvents while offering significant UV (Ultra Violet) protection.


-The surface must be well cleaned from soap residue and left wet with water.
- Dilute 1 part HydrO2 to 6 parts water. We recommend a spray bottle for fast and easy application.
- Spray a fine mist of diluted HydrO2 on no more than 1/4 of the vehicle before rinsing. Very little is needed and no overlap is needed.
- From the time you start spraying a section to rinsing off should be approximately 30 seconds or less.
- Immediately rinse well with strong water pressure to produce physical shock and create a well-formed coating.
- Repeat steps 5-7 on the next section of the vehicle rinsing well before moving to the next section.
- Finish by "flood rinsing" the vehicle without a spray nozzle to push all the water off from the top down.
- Dry any remaining water


Safe to apply on ceramic coatings.