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P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant 128oz

P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant 128oz



Bead Maker is one of the most talked about products over the last several months and for good reason. Bead Maker provides UV protection and can be applied to wet or dry surfaces. What makes Bead Maker different is the surface migrating molecule that attaches to the paint surface of a vehicle. Once attached this molecule cross-links and polymerizes on the surface thus building a hydrophobic durable layer of protection


For best results, apply on a freshly detailed vehicle. Otherwise, clay your vehicle to remove any contaminants that leave that rough feel on your paint. Using Bead Maker on a dry surface enhances the performance of the product. Spray Bead Maker onto your car section by section and wipe off with a plush microfiber towel. Allow to cure for 8 hours.


16oz and 128oz available

Made in the USA