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CarPro Collection

CarPro offers an extensive line of the top, industry-leading auto detailing products. At the core of its products is the CQuartz line. The CQuartz engineered lineup provides your car exterior with a durable paint protectant that is long-lasting and scratch-resistant. It is ceramic quartz that includes SiO2, otherwise known as silica, that helps reinforce the acrylic enamel of a car’s paint. It applies a hydrophobic coating that is self-cleaning to prevent the formation of swirl marks, tar, brake dust, dirt, and the accumulation of other contaminants. 

To boost its resume, CarPro products are built around a new generation of auto detailing nanotechnology to service the most talented and passionate car care owners. CarPro products are continually evolving, innovating to provide car owners and businesses with the necessary tools to surpass expectations. The finest products are reserved for the most pleasing results in auto detailing. The lineup is committed to the complete preparation, decontamination, and polish for any car surface.

The Online Detailing Store provides CarPro CQuartz kits for tires, wheels, and any exterior surface designed for the full body treatment for a client’s needs. There are sealants made with synthetic materials engineered to bond directly with the surface of your car, providing a more protective and longer-lasting product. CarPro products offer plastic and rubber protectants that enhance shine and protect the vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces from harmful UV solar rays to combat the elusiveness of tire protection. 

The CarPro Eraser line works for any post-polishing job by removing any residual polishing oils by applying intense cleaners that dissolve oils with a patented degreasing formula. Bug residue becomes a hazard to treat as its decomposed material can leak into the underlying surfaces of the car’s exterior. Please treat it with CarPro Bug Out to remove bug residue safely and efficiently. CarPro’s Iron X, Multi X, and Elixir products help add hydrophobic coating for all your post car detailing finishing. They are designed to break down any ferrous metallic contamination while being highly effective and acid-free, and pH-balanced to be used on a variety of surfaces. 

Use the CarPro line for all your car’s detailing needs to help keep your vehicle looking clean and shiny with professional, quality products.