CarPro TRIX Tar & Iron Remover

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Remove Tar and/or Iron with this one product!  


TRIX is a true and dedicated Ultimate Dual Action fallout and contamination remover!  Trix has been manufactured with the same strength of ingredients as its predecessors Iron X & Tar X.  Trix combines the power of both to work as a dual-action fallout remover saving precious time and products!  


  • Excellent wheel cleaner

  • Strong Degreaser and Cleaner

  • Iron Contaminant Remover

  • Tar Remover

  • PH Neutral


  1. Shake bottle well

  2. Spray across the affected area

  3. Shake once or twice approximately every 30 seconds during application

  4. Allow dwelling approximately 5 minutes

  5. Agitate with a sponge or other media

  6. Thoroughly rinse all surfaces



  • Avoid polycarbonate headlights, clear bra material, vinyl, & and plastics

  • Avoid use in direct sun

  • For unknown materials test on a small area first

  • Avoid allowing to dry on plastic

  • Use in a ventilated area

  • Use hand and face protection