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Ceramic Coating

The Online Detailing Store has premium kits to protect your car’s ceramic coating from achieving that new car look. To provide long-lasting protection that will maintain the longevity of your car’s exterior surface, use our selection as it is the best the market can offer. These kits maintain the exterior’s protection to prevent the production of water stains, road grime, bird droppings, and other substances from reaching or harming the paint. They provide a hydrophobic film that repels water to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits and dirt that embed itself on the car’s surface. 

The ceramic coating contains a hybrid of epoxy and quartz with the addition of silica. As opposed to wax, applying a ceramic coating or retreating the car’s existing ceramic coating will allow the chemical to bond with the frame and remain there for up to ten years (depending on the material used). Ceramic coating provides a sacrificial layer of protection to the paint job from light scratches. The coating acts as an umbrella that repels prolonged exposure to UV rays that may otherwise lead to cracks or fading in the paint finish. A ceramic coating will bolster or restore your car’s candy-gloss shine through its paint maintenance by providing a ceramic coat that prevents pollutants from embedding on the surface. 

Although ceramic coating care can be expensive, the CarPro kits are designed to remove any swirls, scratches, or discoloration before applying the ceramic protective coating. The kits provide the necessary products for each specific step of application during a ceramic coating process. Provided is a Wash and Wax for the decontamination phase and complete paint correction and ceramic coating with the CarPro Reload line. Loaded with high-rated consumer-grade ceramic coatings with detailed instructions, our selection of ceramic coating kits will provide you with the most durable and highest level of protection available in the industry.

Please browse through our ceramic coating kits to help make your auto detailing process simpler and more manageable, and most importantly, use the proper products!