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Clay Bars

Lift contamination from your vehicle’s surface with natural and synthetically engineered clay bars. The Online Detailing Store has your selection of clay bar detailing to provide you with the necessary steps for decontamination and preservation. Automotive clay bars have been specifically developed to be much more elastic. It provides users with enhanced durability and usability while being continuously manipulated to be effective for multiple uses. 

The natural abrasion of these products will remove brake dust, metal dust, industrial pollution, and road grit that have built up on your car’s exterior surface. When used with a detailing spray, soap, or lubricant, the clay bar grabs and picks up particulates that have embedded themselves into the paint and frame by gripping itself to the surface.

A clay bar treatment is recommended biannually depending on the amount a vehicle is used. You may also use clay bar protection during the winter protection detail to provide your sealant with the best chance of surviving through harsh winter conditions. It would be best if you also use it during the spring and summer months. It will remove any contamination that has accumulated through the previous six months or varying seasons. 

Every trip brings different problems with salts, general debris, exhaust films, airborne pollution, and much more. The Online Detailing Store has clay cloth mitts that offer pronounced longevity compared to clay bars. They can typically last close to 100 applications and do not need to be covered instead of clay bars as they are prone to drying out. It allows for a more convenient alternative to remove embedded paint contaminants. 

These microfiber and abrasive mitts apply recent developments in detailing technology. They are made with more durable synthetic materials that mimic the natural “grabbing” properties of clay bars with longer shelf life and aren’t as susceptible to being over-concentrated with dirt particles during use. We offer products such as the ODS Weaved Clay Cloth and Speed Master Clay Mitt in our high-quality collection of clay bars. Get yours today at the Online Detailing Store!