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Compounds & Polishes

Use compound and polishing compounds to correct a vehicle’s paint defects, depending on the layer in question. The products are made with top-of-the-line ingredients for your corrective needs. Use these agents to release the hold of the contaminants to prevent scratching when the car is in the process of getting washed. Buy a compound and polish together as they are used in succession with each other. 

Compound agents are applied with buffing or polishing machines as they act like sandpaper. Polishing agents are used to remove the remaining defects after using a compound agent. These polishing agents act like finer grit sandpaper that reduces the appearance of scratches and gets rid of contaminants, oxidation, and other minor imperfections that compounding cannot remove. Modern automotive paints are made with at least three layers, the clear coat, paint (color coat), and the primer coat. The most superficial coat, the clear coat, is most susceptible to the wear and tear of contaminants and pollutants. Compounding and polishing help correct this layer of the paint. 

These products are available as a suspension liquid that acts as a transport for abrasives and lubricant that allow the abrasives to be rubbed against the paint for an extended period. It also suspends the paint removed from polishing so the abrasives can continue to work against the newly uncovered paint. They are also available with varying degrees of aggressiveness to remove paint faster or remove aggressive polish marks for a flawless finish. 

You can separate polishes into diminishing and non-diminishing polishes. Diminishing polishes (Diminishing Abrasive Technology) leave behind less micro marring to prevent the use of a more refined polish. Non-diminishing polishes have abrasives that don’t break down and have fixed aggressiveness (Super Micro Abrasive Technology). It allows for continuous work of the polish into the paint for more consistency and control. It would be perfect for scratches on the clear coat.

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