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Car detailing is an essential part of having a car. Whether you are a professional, car enthusiast, or beginner, the Online Detailing Store has all the accessories for all your car detailing needs. We have the right tools to help you all in one place, so add these items into your detailing arsenal. 

For a streak-free clean, Autofiber provides the highest quality microfiber cleaning products on the market today. The longevity of these clothes is no joke; the microfiber is superior to cotton for auto care and designed for any professional detailer and automotive enthusiast. There are a variety of products for different uses and available in plenty of sizes. The polyester is tightly interwoven to prevent any contaminants and dirt from embedding into the cloth. 

Autofiber has a premium selection of microfiber car wash sponges for use with coatings, sealant, and wax, trim and tire dressing, upholstery and leather cleaning, and car washing. These sponges are multi-purpose – designed and constructed with interior sewn edges to protect car detailing surfaces. For the optimum car detailing clean, use the bucket caddy equipped with multiple compartments for accessories such as cloths, brushes, creams, and sprays. 

For all the sealant and wax jobs, use our selection of interface pads. MaxShine interface pads are designed to sit between the backing plate and sanding disc to improve abrasive cut and finish. Available in soft foam as a backup pad for consistent results. 

Your interior car detailing needs are taken care of through our selection of interior detailing brushes, carpet brushes, soft head brushes, and pet hair removers. There are wool spokes for minuscule jobs and brushes for vents and dashboards. Also available are underbody washers for those hard-to-reach areas when detailing the underside of the car. There are plastic and metal scraper blades to remove those caked-on surface debris and water residue. 

Provide your cleaning and car detailing equipment with what the Online Detailing Store can offer. Browse our large selection of accessories now and choose the products that fit your vehicle detailing needs today! 

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