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Detailing Applicators

Detailing applicators can be used for all your application needs together with various accessories made available to you in the Online Detailing Store. Foam applicators are perfect for spreading, applying, or rubbing a buff or a specific product to various surfaces. The medium is used to provide a mechanical application of the product to the desired surface. 

Applicator pads are large and comfortably fit in your hands while applying the optimal amount of product. It prevents the overuse of chemicals that may oversaturate the surface and damage the exterior of your car. Good applicator pads are designed to not cause surface imperfections compared to dated applicator mediums. Differing materials used to make the applicator pads are available for different needs. 

The products we offer are made with open-cell foam to absorb more product while making spreading evenly easier. They are designed to operate in varying conditions. It uses ultra-soft applicator pads, which quickly spreads a thin, even coat for any paste wax, synthetic sealant, cream, or protectant dressing on paint, glass, metal, and leather surfaces. 

Another tool for all your detailing applicator needs is pad washers. It uses a spring-loaded wash plate inside a bucket to spray water and pad washing solution to clean it while it rotates. It ensures that pads and other applicators are clean before treatment in another solution or for different tasks. Wash plates are increased in structure to provide extended durability and avoid the flex of the plastic or prevent the production of cracks. 

The Online Detailing Store provides all-in-one detailing applicators to help you maximize the job of your product. We want to extend the possibilities for our clients while making sure we offer the best the market needs to provide. Check out all our detailing applicators today!