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Exterior Care

Car exterior detailing is a pivotal step in car maintenance. It is the complex and intensive detailing of its exterior components. Reserved for you are industry-grade and professional cleaners, protectants, microfiber towels, sealants, ceramic coatings, accessories, applicators, compounds and polishers, and sprays. 

Exterior detailing involves the process of washing and drying a car’s body, wheels, tires, and windows; using clay bars to remove dust and grit; applying a sealant to protect the paint before getting rid of – or reducing – surface scratches by polishing the exterior. Sealants help protect the vehicle from exposure to sunlight and water, dirt, and tar, among others. You can use more specific detailing on other processes involving the engine, headlights, windshields, wiper blades, and the car’s wheels and tires. Ceramic coatings will help provide you with long-lasting car protection to maintain the longevity of the exterior surface. 

Surface prep sprays will help in the better application of cleaners and solvents. Various detailing buffers, stains, and wax removers eliminate harsh residue on any car surface. There are a wide variety of car shampoos with distinct effects for any of your car’s needs - it allows for a more fantastic range in variability. These measures maximize the vehicle’s lifespan as the exterior is directly prone to environmental, physical, and mechanical wear. It will also improve and prolong a vehicle’s resale value, despite years of mileage.

The Online Detailing Store has eliminated products that don’t measure up to professional standards. Our products are handpicked to provide the right job for your needs. They are designed for the proper surface preparation and protection jobs. There are instructions, tips, and suggestions on all our products to help provide you with a solid sense of direction if it is your first step in car exterior detailing. Use our featured products during your car maintenance for the best results.  

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