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Foam Cannons

You can use foam cannons together with pressure washers or garden hoses to mix the perfect amount of car soap, water, and air to generate thick suds. It thoroughly covers your car's desired surface and produces thick foaming suds to lubricate the surface. It is due to filters in the foam cannon, which aerate the mixture.

Foam cannons offer an alternative to mechanical washing as they have a chance to produce swirls and scratches. Adjustable dials are available to help control the amount of car product to combat different levels of dirt that have accumulated on your vehicle's surface. Coating with car shampoo and soap has never been easier with a foam cannon. It helps unveil the greater cleaning capacity from a car shampoo. 

By simply letting the suds work their way into the dirt and grime of the car, rinsing will offer a gentle no-touch-wash. Laying down a thick layer of suds is the recommended direction to ensure the soap encapsulates the dirt and debris on the surface. Having the soap proliferate and aerate as much as possible will allow for a longer and better chance to stay on the car's exterior. Foam cannons are easy to maintain to prolong the usage and keep the performance consistent. Most foam cannons are made without rubber rings that may wear out over time, causing leaks at specific points.

The Online Detailing Store provides the best foam cannons the market can offer to maximize money and time. Perfect for multi-surfaces such as driveways, roofs, garden hoses, siding, and window displays. It is easy to use with the different volumes and adjustable knobs. They are made with the highest quality, thick and durable material, resistant to cracking, and anticorrosive. Our products are satisfaction guaranteed; add our selection of foam cannons and underbody washers for all your car washing needs.