Maxshine/Shinemaster MN01 Mini Polisher Rotary Attachment

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5/8" Mini Polisher rotary attachment

It can be used in small, tight areas like car headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, door handles, emblems, scratch glass surfaces and interior consoles. 
* Rotary Polisher not included

Never bend the Mini Detail Polisher shaft to a radius of less than 100mm (04") when operating, otherwise overheating can occur.


1. Red Finishing Pad    1.5x1cm (3pcs)    2.6x1.2cm (3pcs)

2. Green Polishing Pad    1.5x1cm (3pcs)    2.6x1.2cm (3pcs)

3. Felt Polishing Pad    1.5x0.5cm (3pcs)

4. Long Wool Pad    2.5cm (3pcs)

5. Orange Polishing Pad    Size:3x4.5cm (3pcs)

6. Orange Polishing Pad    Size:3x3cm (3pcs)

7.  Backing Pad    1.5cm (1pc)    2.5cm (1pc)

8. Adaptor M14 or 5/8" (1pc)    Small Wrench (1pc)

9. Small Bag (1pc)