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303® Graphene Nano Spray Coating



303® Graphene Nano Spray Coating is a Graphene Oxide-based coating, that will provide a high level of protection for 12 months. This product also reduces the surface temperature, which will reduce the amount of hard water spots you get on your car’s paint. It also features a high-water contact angle, producing substantial hydrophobic properties, that keep the water from sticking to your paint. After application, the paint will have enhanced gloss and clarity too.


After first prepping the exterior of a car just like you would normally prep a vehicle for application of a car wax, synthetic sealant or ceramic paint coating. Basically wash and dry, clay the paint if needed and do any paint correction if needed or desired. You don't have to do paint correction, that's a personal preference decision. 303 Graphene can be used on any clean paint surface regardless of whether there are swirls and scratches or if the swirls and scratches have been removed.

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