Autofiber Green Monster Car Wash Sponge
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Autofiber Green Monster Car Wash Sponge

If you need a tool for all your car washing needs, add the Autofiber Green Monster Car Wash Sponge into...
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If you need a tool for all your car washing needs, add the Autofiber Green Monster Car Wash Sponge into your assortment of car wash tools. Traditional sponges are one of the oldest materials to be used to wash cars. They are not great for clear coats as they are flat and very porous, trap small rocks. They create plenty of friction between the rock, dirt, and debris embedded on its surface with your car’s surface. Combat this with Autofiber’s line of car wash sponges.

These microfiber car wash sponges comes with more of a buffer between the lining of the sponge and the surface of your car. It creates less friction on your car’s surface while picking up any residue, dirt, and debris and prevents it from scratching the exterior. They are designed to lift dirt particles as opposed to sponges that dislodge dirt and slide it around.

Selecting the Autofiber car wash sponge is the right wash sponge for you. They are made with an extremely long pile, with over 1-inch of fiber. It allows for the sponge to pick up debris and effortlessly glide on your car’s surface without the possibility of introducing scratches. It is made with the highest quality, gentle cleaning, and super absorbent microfiber yarn, making car washing quick and effective.

The ergonomic bone shape of the car wash sponge makes it easy to hold and handle even when fully soaked. It will loosen debris out with every pass on your car’s exterior surface. Use it with your favorite car washing products to return your car’s exterior gleam and sheen.


  • 1 pack
  • 9”x5”x3”
  • 850gsm (grams per square meter)
  • 75% Polyester and 25% Polyamide – 100% Split


  • Highest quality, super absorbent microfiber yarn
  • Gentle cleaning
  • For use on variable car exterior surfaces; glides on all surfaces
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Works with any car wash product
  • Ergonomic “bone” shape construction

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