CarPro Automotive Masking Tape
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CarPro Automotive Masking Tape

Any level detailer or car enthusiast should have CarPro Automotive Masking Tape on hand. It is excellent when you need...
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Any level detailer or car enthusiast should have CarPro Automotive Masking Tape on hand. It is excellent when you need to protect your trim or sensitive areas while polishing or for any paint job. Use this car masking tape to make precision detailing a snap!

Automotive masking tape differs from regular masking tape in that it can withstand high temperatures. Regular masking tape’s adhesives are not designed to withstand high temperatures. As a result, the tape peels off the surface before car detailing is finished, which will damage the areas that need to be covered. CarPro has developed a masking tape with a high-tack adhesive that you can use in various conditions. The material is thicker to provide good mechanical resistance. High tensile strength and elongation make it perfect for a variety of uses. Automotive masking tape provides excellent conformability by conforming to curves and irregular surfaces without ripping or peeling. Moreover, its adhesion power is immense, giving a better hold on different materials and resistance to critical temperatures. It will guarantee a quick job if you choose masking tape that has these properties.

It is specifically formulated adhesives that stick to most surfaces (including EPDM). Before various car detailing jobs, masking tape is an essential tool when you need to protect unwarranted areas. It is made with 30% more tape per roll as opposed to earlier products. They are designed to pull off clean without residue left over. It has excellent resistance to paint bleed-through and temperature resistance of up to 250°F (short-term exposure). CarPro masking tape is manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered plant to meet worldwide quality standards.


  • 30% more tape per roll
  • It doesn’t leave residue
  • Protects trim or other sensitive areas
  • Heat resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Thick tape designed to resist mechanical stress


  • 5 mm x 40 m
  • 15 mm x 40 m
  • 24mm x 40 m
  • Red

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