CarPro Iron X 500ml
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CarPro Iron X 500ml

The CarPro Iron X is a highly effective, acid-free, and pH-balanced cleaner that is a preventative measure against premature corrosion...
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The CarPro Iron X is a highly effective, acid-free, and pH-balanced cleaner that is a preventative measure against premature corrosion by making short work of iron contaminant removal across the entire vehicle.

Traditional car care regimes require extensive claying processes. With Iron X, that is no longer necessary. The formulation of CarPro is safe, effective, and won’t harm clear coats. Airborne chemical compounds and ferrous particles corrode paint by reacting with it and creating corrosive compounds. Until it’s too late, we don’t realize the gradual nature of this process.

The secret to CarPro’s formula is that it uses unique chemical ingredients that dissolve sintered iron by forming a water-soluble iron complex. Other iron contaminant removal solutions do not clean paint and wheels as thoroughly as Iron X. The decontamination system developed by Iron X targets the root cause of corrosion. In other detailing processes, the top of the area is shaved off.

As a result of the high temperatures, brake dust and road grime become sintered to the paint and wheels of your car. Iron in brake dust makes it extremely difficult to dissolve or remove without harsh chemicals once it has sintered to the wheel. Iron X opens paint pores, releasing ferrous particles and neutralizing caustic compounds accumulated on the paint’s surface. Damage that is already occurring is stopped immediately, and further damage is prevented.

The Iron X sprays a clear liquid. When dirt and grime start to embed themselves in the cleansing liquid, the formula begins changing color. Iron X binds to sintered iron and transforms it into a water-soluble complex for easy wiping or pressure washing by forming a water-soluble complex.

Widely used by body shops and high-end detailers, it should be your choice for the prevention of corrosion on your car’s surface.


  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Wash and rinse the vehicle, and then dry it with a towel once it has dried
  3. Apply Iron X to the contaminated area
  4. After 2-5 minutes, rinse off or wash off if dried (depending on environment and temperatures)
  5. Verify all Iron X is completely removed and then dry the vehicle
  6. Remove the nozzle and replace the cap after use (to avoid leakage)


  • New reduced odor formula
  • Remove harmful iron deposits and protect your paint
  • pH-balanced iron remover that decontaminates auto paint and wheels
  • Iron X is excellent on automotive paint and safely cleans clear coats


  • 500 mL spray bottle

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