CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner 500ml
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CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner 500ml

Whenever there is tough grime, the CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner gets to it. You can cut through dirt and other...
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Whenever there is tough grime, the CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner gets to it. You can cut through dirt and other environmental contaminants without damaging your hydrophobic glass coating. The result is a powerful, long-lasting effect with a streak-free shine suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

A passionate car detailer must pay constant attention to the glass. Even if this is the case, cleaning the glass can ruin whatever process has already been applied to it. The chemicals in the cleaner aren’t always powerful enough to decontaminate a previously detailed window, even if they are safe to use on a previously detailed window. The CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner solves all those problems.

The highly conductive properties provide a powerful cleaning effect on your windows. As a result, it removes road hazards such as oil, dirt, fingerprints, and other contaminants. Designed to cut through dirt and grime while preserving previous detailing processes, it is formulated to help. If you have previously applied hydrophobic glass coatings and sealants to the windows, they will remain intact. By restoring a clear view through the window while maintaining its water-repellent properties, you will be able to preserve its durability.

Clarify glass cleaner is safe to use both on the outside and inside of your vehicle. There are almost as many contaminants on the inside, but they are often overlooked. You can now use the product inside and outside your car for a translucent shine. In addition, CarPro Clarify leaves a streak-free shine every time. Forget about seeing streaks the next day when you’re driving in the sun! No more foggy, dirty, hazardous windows!

CarPro has designed a powerful all-purpose glass cleaner that is the best car glass cleaner the market can offer. Drive with clarity today by purchasing a bottle!


For best results, use a microfiber towel. Spray 1-2 sprays on the towel or surface. Firmly wipe the surface. Clean the dry side of the towel or use a separate clean, dry towel for the last wipe. 


  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Removes dirt, oil, and contamination
  • Safe for interior and exterior
  • It doesn’t damage your rain repellant
  • Powerful cleaning effect


  • 500 mL
  • It comes in a spray bottle

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