CarPro Reset Car Shampoo 500ml
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CarPro Reset Car Shampoo 500ml

The CarPro Reset is the best car shampoo on the market, gently removing various pollutants from your car. Use CarPro’s...
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The CarPro Reset is the best car shampoo on the market, gently removing various pollutants from your car. Use CarPro’s revolutionary nanotechnology to give your vehicle the shine of a new car!

CarPro is the ideal partner for all your detailing needs since it has been formulated to be safe to use with other sealants and coatings from CarPro. It contains pH-sensitive surfactants that can be used in a wide range of situations. The neutral pH (7) means it will not react harshly with other products. pH neutrality makes it harder to clean certain pollutants that require a more acidic or basic pH but Reset Car Shampoo can provide a powerful clean. It is based on organic, natural, and biodegradable ingredients for optimum safety. Unlike many car shampoo products, this one does not contain harsh sodium or lauryl sulfates. It’s safe to use on a variety of surfaces and won’t irritate your skin.

A pH-neutral shampoo, Reset dissolves road grime and traffic film the same way an alkaline cleaner would. Cleans effectively and foams well while remaining at a neutral pH. The combination of excellent lubrication, an intense foam action, and a high dilution ratio makes for a highly effective and economical wash.

CarPro distributes the best car cleaning products on the market, and the Reset Intensive Car Shampoo is a wonderful addition. Take advantage of this offer today!


  1. Fill a wash bucket with 3-4 gallons of water and add approximately 1 oz. of Reset as the bucket fills to mix the shampoo solution and activate the foam (4 capfuls of Reset = 1 oz.)
  2. Pre-rinse the vehicle with free-flowing water to remove loose debris and wash out of direct sunlight from the top down using a wash mitt/sponge. Rinse the mitt/sponge periodically in a second bucket filled with clear water
  3. Do not allow the shampoo to dry on the surface. After washing, rinse the vehicle thoroughly with free-flowing water to remove shampoo residue, and dry with a microfiber towel or forced-air blower
  4. If necessary, use CarPro products (CarPro Spotless) to remove hard water spots and apply either Reload or HydrO2 to top-up the vehicle’s protection


  • Developed for use with all CarPro nanotechnology sealants and coatings
  •  Intelligent pH surfactants; neutral pH (7)
  • Derived from natural, organic, biodegradable ingredients, free from harsh chemicals
  • 400-500:1 part dilution ratio allows for economical cleaning
  • Excellent gliding lubrication and a wonderful scent


  • 500 mL bottle

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