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CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover 1L

CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover 1L



CarPro Spotless chemically breaks down the mineral deposits left behind by water droplets (Otherwise known as ‘water spots’) before they can etch into the finish, thus negating the need for time-consuming abrasive correction, and prolonging the life of the paint

Water spotting can cause permanent damage to the most resilient of vehicle surfaces, including automotive clearcoat, brightwork trim, and glass! Even sealants and coatings are not fully impervious to some harsh mineral deposits and can benefit from periodic chemical water-spot removal to keep them at the peak of their functional and aesthetic performance.

Spotless’ proprietary blend of carefully balanced gentle acids safely removes heavy mineral deposits on most vehicle surfaces, and can even be used to help maintain our CQuartz line of nanotechnology coatings. If you are looking for a fast and efficient water-spot remover to dissolve unsightly bonded mineral contaminants from your car or motorcycle, CarPro Spotless is the solution to your problems.


- First, wash and dry the vehicle to remove any surface grime or contaminants that could interfere with the performance of Spotless. Ensure that the vehicle is parked in the shade and that the surface to be treated is cool to the touch.
- Start by shaking the bottle to integrate the active ingredients before spraying Spotless directly onto the surface, and working the product in thoroughly one panel at a time with a CarPro Applicator Sponge.
- Immediately wipe off the remaining product residue with a soft Microfiber Towel, and rinse the surface thoroughly to neutralize the solution.
- Dry and inspect the surface, and repeat if any mineral deposits remain. If etching has occurred, polish the surface with CarPro Reflect for painted finishes, or CeriGlass or glass before applying either Reload or HydrO2for protection against future damage.



Acidic solution - wear disposable gloves while working to avoid possible skin irritation.

Test in an inconspicuous place before using elsewhere

Do Not Ingest

Keep out of reach of children

Do not spray in eyes - Wear eye protection to be safe

May affect windscreen/window coatings and traditional sealants and waxes