Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard AB

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Antibacterial leather protectant


L1 Leather Guard forms a durable abrasion resistant matte finish which offers the best ever protection against abrasion damage, UV rays, dye transfer and other discoloration.

With added BioCote® antimicrobial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria. 3-12 months of durability. Abrasion-resistant.


- Thoroughly clean leather

- Shake well before use and wear gloves

- Apply in a circular motion using a foam or microfiber applicator, spreading a thin layer of the product

- Remove any excess with a microfiber towel

- For best results on high-wear areas re-apply the product an hour after the first layer

- Leave the product to dry for an hour before use


100ml and 500ml sizes available

Store in a cool, dry place