Gtechniq Panel Wipe

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Remove all wax and polish residue with Panel Wipe


Gtechniq Panel Wipe is designed to remove all polish residues. PW is a blend of pure alcohol and aromatic solvents formulated specifically to give adequate working time to remove and dissolve polish residues and then flash off to leave a 100% decontaminated surface.


- Ensure the surface is cool to the touch

- We recommend testing on a small area of paintwork before use to ensure the product is compatible with your vehicle's paintwork (in order to effectively remove polish residues this product contains a high volume of hydrocarbons which will not affect original paintwork but can tarnish "smart" repairs and "resprays")

- Simply spray Panel Wipe onto a surface and buff with a microfiber towel

- Repeat if necessary

- Warning: Do not use on vinyl or paint protection films


250ml and 500ml sizes available

Store in a cool dry place

Use Panel Wipe within 2 years of purchasing, for best results, once opened use within 1 year