IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer
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IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer

The IK Multi Pro 2 Pump Sprayer was explicitly designed to apply different chemicals and compounds used in auto detailing,...
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The IK Multi Pro 2 Pump Sprayer was explicitly designed to apply different chemicals and compounds used in auto detailing, cleaning, and janitorial industries. Use any pressure sprayer to achieve a greater degree of cleaning. Spray foam makes a great car wash!

Multi Pro 2 has a sturdy design and strong polycarbonate internals to stand up to even the harshest chemicals. The polyethylene is injection molded into a slender shape. Polyethylene resists chemicals and solvents that dissolve other materials. In addition, it will prevent the permeation of chemicals that could leak out over time. It makes it ideal for different types of cleaners and detergents. Chemicals and high temperatures do not affect the Viton washers and seals of the tank, which maintain their shape and seal. A stable, heavy-duty base prevents it from falling over and isn't prone to be knocked over easily. With the Multi Pro, you can ensure that it's always in good working order in your garage.

Clean your vehicle with ease, quickly, and efficiently using the Multi Pro 2. The pressure sprayer generates just the right amount of foam using pressurized air. It is possible to drastically reduce the time that traditional washing methods would take with very little effort. Various surfaces such as wheels, tires, paint, and engines can be treated with this spray. The sprayer offers convenience, cost-effectiveness, and high quality when used with the right cleaning products.

Get the IK Multi Pro 2 Pump Sprayer today and fulfill your pressure sprayer needs!

Directions: Please refer to the instructions on the box.


  • Ultimate foam pump spraying tool for car cleaning
  • Great for auto-detailing, cleaning, gardening, janitorial, and other spraying jobs
  • Great spray for wheels, paint, tire, and engine cleaning
  • Quick and effective way to foam your vehicle


  • 64 oz. total capacity
  • 48 oz. optimal capacity

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