Maxshine/Shinemaster Glass Polishing Pad - 3"

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Maxshine/Shinemaster 3" (80mm) Glass Polishing Pad

Pure Woollen Felt to distribute material evenly and consistently, polish surfaces to their glossiest without causing any damage; ideal for polishing in hard to access places.  Hook&Loop attachment system makes the pad easy to use withholding securely and providing quick pad alteration.  Soft Woollen Felt to achieve the effect of anti-vibration,non-corrosive and damp-proof and can isolate the heat by all means.

Material: 100% wool felt
Diameter: 80mm
Colour: white
Backing Technique: Hook&Loop
Quantity: 2pcs
Dia: 80mm Thickness:5mm 2pcs/Package


For use on a 3" backing plate.


ShineMasterPure Woollen Felt Glass Wool Polishing Pad is made of 100% pure Woollen Felt, are trimmed to specified pile height, making ideal for compounding and polishing in some irregular surfaces and some hard-to-reach places.