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Nextzett Cockpit Premium

Nextzett Cockpit Premium


Cleans and cares for all interior clear and colored plastic surfaces such as the dash, gauge cluster, navigation and audio screens, shift knob, arm rests, steering wheel, leatherette (imitation leather) and finished (coated) leather (condition with einszett Leather Care after treatment). Leaves a shine-free, non-slip finish that repels dust. The mild cleaners remove dust and dirt but won't harm soft touch materials or painted plastic trim surfaces. Contains sun-blocking agents to maintain the original condition. It leaves a light, fresh citrus scent. Water-based and silicone-free.

Shine-free finish for the interior
Cleans, cares and protects
Leaves a dust-resistant finish
Cleans audio and navigation screens
Leaves a fresh citrus scent
Meets OECD international standards criteria for biodegradability

Please follow the direction on the bottle.