Nextzett ColorTec Wheel Cleaner

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Nextzett ColorTec Wheel Cleaner


ColorTec Wheel Cleaner is a high performance, fast-acting wheel cleaner that effectively removes brake dust and road grime while effectively removing iron contaminants for a fast and thorough clean. The color changing formula lets you know it's removing iron contaminants when the cleaner changes to purple. Free of harsh acids, ColorTec is safe to use on chrome, aluminum, painted and non-painted wheel finishes. Just spray, wait for the cleaner to change to dark purple and rinse thoroughly with water.


ColorTec Wheel Cleaner and Lotos Ultra ISF are both excellent choices for easy and safe wheel cleaning. Neither cleaner is caustic (pH level 9 for ColorTec and about pH 9 for ISF when diluted for wheel cleaning application) which means neither will dull your wheels over time or cause respiratory issues - a known problem with highly acidic cleaners.

ColorTec has the added benefit of loosening the iron particulates in the wheel finish so the brake dust literally does fall off without the negative side effective of harming the finish like acid cleaners.




Please follow the direction on the bottle.

Please wear gloves and other protectant.