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Optimum Carpet & Fabric Cleaner and Protectant



Optimum Carpet & Fabric Cleaner & Protectant is a new, revolutionary product from Optimum Polymer Technologies that not only cleans textile surfaces, but protects them at the same time! Optimum Carpet & Fabric Cleaner & Protectant is a concentrate that you dilute 3 parts water to 1 part concentrate for most applications, or use at full strength for tough stains.


Use it to clean greasy dirt and grime from fabric seats or carpets and mats. Spray directly onto surface and agitate. Wipe off excess with a microfiber cloth. For more intense cleaning use a steam or extractor machine.


8oz, 32oz and 128oz

Precautions for safe handling: Do not get in eyes or on skin or clothing. Do not ingest. Store and use away from heat, sparks, open flame or any other ignition source. Do not reuse container. Wash thoroughly after use. Conditions for safe storage: Store in a dry, cool and well ventilated area. Keep out of the reach of children.