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Rupes Gray UHS Polishing Foam Pad


Rupes Polishing Pad

RUPES polishing foams in expanded resin are specifically designed to match the BigFoot system and guarantee the best results, along with more time saved during the working process, which becomes really easier.

When used with RUPES random orbital polishers LHR21ES, LHR15ES, LHR75, they produce drastic improvements if compared with other traditional polishing systems.

Random orbital movement generates a considerable mechanical stress on the polishing foam structure and it is therefore necessary to use materials specifically designed to exploit the potential of the system in terms of execution speed and quality of the result.

Cell structure allows proper ventilation and facilitates the abrasive circulation avoiding that the latter remain trapped in the inner parts.

The innovative design, with the particular inclination and rounded edge, permits the large orbital movement to express its potential at best while protecting the working surface from the contact with the pad.

It’s really important to follow strictly the suggestions about the accessories: the BigFoot system can correctly work only if used with the compatible accessories indicated and should not be combined with other similar accessories available on the market.

Designed for scratch resistant and high solid ceramic paints, the RUPES UHS Polishing System removes imperfections and leaves a high-gloss finish in just 1-step.



Please wear gloves and other protectant.