Sonax Car Shampoo

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SONAX Car Shampoo - 1L 


SONAX Car Shampoo provides a brilliant, surfactant-rich formula. Thick lathering action and pleasant scent. SONAX Car Wash Shampoo is a highly effective, phosphatefree and pH-neutral formula that penetrates and loosens tough dirt without damaging or stripping the protective layer. The special anionic surfactants within, simultaneously adhere and distribute dirt leaves a brilliant, clean shine to your paint, rubber, plastic, vinyl and glass surfaces every time!

Directions 50ml (2oz) in 10L (3 gallons) of warm water.


Not for use in direct sunlight.

Directions 50ml (2oz) in 10L (3 gallons) of warm water.


Precautions for safe handling: Put on appropriate protective equipment. Do not get in eyes or on skin or clothing. Do not ingest. Avoid breathing vapor or mist. Keep in the original container or an approved alternate made from a compatible material, keep tightly closed when not in use.