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Turtle Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max Graphene Infused Wax



Most durable, professional-grade liquid car wax; great for detailing experts and auto enthusiasts.
Patent-pending graphene infusion creates a tighter web of protection.
Easy-on, easy-off liquid with UV absorbers shield painted surfaces to prevents damage and discolouration.
Chemical resistant, super-hydrophobic polymers glide on effortlessly for maximum gloss, water beading & stain prevention.
Introducing Hybrid Solutions PRO To The Max Wax™: our most durable liquid car wax for professional detailers and auto enthusiasts.

Our patent-pending graphene infused formula delivers long-lasting depth of color, gloss, slickness, & UV protection.

Plus, Pro To The Max Wax contains super-hydrophobic polymers to equip your vehicle with months of chemical resistance, water repellency, & stain prevention.

Elevate your detailing routine and take surface restoration to the next level with this ultra-premium car wax solution.