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ODS Underbody Washer



Attach your high pressure machine to the High Pressure Undercarriage washer and clean under your vehicle with ease. Highly mobile with the wheeled pivoting coupler, 4 high pressure nozzles provide wide coverage. The perfect tool to remove dirt, grime, salt and other contaminants.

Note: Use with caution around CAI's, engine bays and lowered vehicles. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the undercarriage washer.


Attach your high pressure washer to the stainless steel connecting lance then attach the under carriage washer. Slide under your vehicle and control the spray with your high pressure nozzle. Work around your vehicle moving inside out and repeat until clean. Power down your high pressure washer before disconnecting your undercarriage washer.


Weight - 6kg

Material - Aluminum and stainless steel

Recommended pressure - 5-6 GPM

Maximum pressure - 4000psi

Inlet - 1/4"

Quick Plug Size - 3/8" (standard pressure washer size)

Width - 16"

High Pressure Nozzles - 4